Curiosity ShopHey guys, got a new mailbag, Curiosity Shop #072. This time it’s again largely Skyward Sword-focused, but it does branch out a bit and I do talk about a handful of other things around the main topic. Hope you guys enjoy! Video embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:08) – Do you think the Boomerang will appear SS?
(01:16) – Why don’t people believe that Rauru is Kaepora Gaebora?
(02:28) – Do you think the Gerudo will appear in Skyward Sword?
(03:17) – Since the Kokiri seem to be immortal, do you think we will see any familiar Kokiri in Skyward Sword?
(04:31) – Do you think that the Silent Realm in Skyward Sword will somehow relate to the Twilight Realm?
(05:20) – How do you spell Phi? Is it F-I or P-H-I?
(05:55) – How does the backstory of Skyward Sword about the power created by the Goddess make sense?
(07:01) – Do you think that Nintendo should do away with the hint system or make it less helpful?
(07:41) – How do you think the provinces of TP are going to be connected to the land areas of SS? How do you think the light spirits will be brought in?
(08:41) – Do you think we will see more characters that were introduced in a previous cel-shaded game other then Beedle in Skyward Sword?
(09:02) – How do you think Ghirahim plans to bring his master back to life?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Do you think the Boomerang could appear in Skyward Sword? How about the Gerudo or Kokiri? Do you think Rauru is Kaepora Gaebora? Do you think the Silent Realm and Twilight Realm will be related? Should Nintendo ditch the hint system? Tell me in the comments!

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