Hero’s Shade was so close he could taste it.

Unfortunately, after an epic battle that more than lived up to the stakes and saw each competitor toed with 50% of the vote for more than 4 days, Midna was able to pull away and score the victory by just 12 votes, denying us our first undefeated Champion. Hero’s Shade goes down as our most successful Champion yet, but now Midna has the title and is looking to make her mark.

She will be tested early though, and her first defense is against the Sage of Spirit, Nabooru. The former thief and right-hand woman of Ganondorf will be looking to dispose of the Twilight Princess quickly before she gathers too much steam. Can it happen? Let’s find out!


In other news, Link won last week’s bonus Redemption Battle Royale to earn another shot at challenging for the Zelda Informer Championship sometime down the line. Can he become the first ever two time Champion? Time will tell…

Remember to vote for who you want to see challenge the Champion next week in the comments below!

Current Champions Record:

Week Ten – Midna (52%) def. Hero’s Shade (48%)

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