Welcome to Cave of Trials 37: Inspired by Zelda Week Challenge! This time around we’ve got some special challengers from your favorite Zelda-like games. We also have a special announcement regarding Twilight Princess in honor of Midna’s gauntlet victory, saving her Cave of Trials career. So let’s get straight in to some action!

Months ago at Zeldamania we crowned our first Tag Team Champions, the Usurper Kings. The team of Ganondorf and Zant proved to be a powerful team as they took down The New Sages of Makar and Medli. While they have been enjoying some time away from competition, a special Zelda-like team has appeared to challenge them. The team of Death and War, aka “The Horsemen” from Darksiders have come to try to prove themselves against Ganondorf and Zant. They truly have their work cut out for them, but let’s see what these underdogs can do!

Inspired by Zelda Tag Team Battle

  • The Usurper Kings (Ganondorf and Zant) (82%, 37 Votes)
  • The Horsemen (Death and War) (18%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 45

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And now, onto our main event! Last week Saria proved herself to be the favorite of all of the Ocarina of Time sages, taking down all 5 others at once. Our challenger also showed off their strength as our readers selected Amaterasu over five other Zelda-like characters. Saria is looking to add the Ōkami protagonist to the list of failed challengers like Ravio, Marin, and the Sages. Can the Sun Goddess overcome the Forest Sage? You decide!

Inspired by Zelda Championship Match

  • Amaterasu (64%, 48 Votes)
  • Saria (36%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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Finally, we have a special announcement to celebrate Minda’s triumphant victory a couple of weeks ago. Starting next week, we will be holding a special themed contest called The Twilight Tournament! As the name suggests, it will be a tournament featuring our readers favorite Twilight Princess side characters. Since we have seen many of the main characters in Cave of Trials competition already, Zant, Ganondorf, Midna, Link, and Zelda will not be appearing in this tournament. Many of the contestants will be based on reader suggestion. Leave us a comment with a character you’d like to see compete, and tune in next week for the first round of the tournament

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