kotakuLogoJason Schreier and his co-host Kirk weigh in on A Link Between Worlds in the latest Kotaku Podcast: Burning Questions. Find out what they thought and get a link to the full podcast, after the jump!

In their latest Burning Questions podcast, Schreier and his co-host took on A Link Between Worlds, calling it an awesome experience and praising the dungeon design, particularly the wall mechanics.

“There’s nothing comparable to the wall moving mechanics, it’s almost like portal, it makes you think . . . look at things in a different way.”

“It’s amazing how often it gives you that feeling of being stuck and then thinking outside the box and *snap* you just see it.”

The duo also waded through how much Zelda is in the difficult, acclaimed game, Dark Souls:

“[A Link Between Worlds’ design] reminds me how much Zelda is in Dark Souls, like how Dark Souls is this evolution of Zelda.”

Some helpful timestamps to help you navigate the half-hour podcast are: 2:36 (A Link Between Worlds discussion begins), 4:15 (dicussion on A Link Between Worlds dungeon design), 8:30 (A Link Between Worlds and Dark Souls), 11:00 (end of A Link Between Worlds discussion).

You can listen to the whole podcast in its original form here. Be sure to leave your thoughts about the discussion in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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