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Kotaku contributor Jason Schreier got to sit down with A Link Between Worlds director Hiromasa Shikata and bend his ear about the upcoming Triforce Heroes for 3DS. After playing the game several times during E3, Schreier has some burning questions for the three time Zelda director, and was able to shed some more light on the gameplay and story of the newest in the Zelda line. Hit the jump to see what director Shikata had to say.

The Japanese are often buried on family plots, and the central stone in these plots will bare the family’s crest or “kamon.” In the case of Gunpei Yokoi, his family’s kamon bears a striking resemblance to the Triforce from our very own Legend of Zelda. Its appearance on the Yokoi plot peaked gamers’ interests considering who Gunpei Yokoi was. Yokoi was the creator of the Game Boy and an early game developer for Nintendo; he formulated the Game & Watch…

The most widely recognized Nintendo characters usually hail from the Mario and Zelda franchises, so it just makes sense that they would cross over sometime. Most everyone knows that Link is now a playable character in Mario Kart 8, but did you know that Easter eggs tying these two video game giants together have been present since their very first games?

The most mind-blowing Easter egg to me was that a total of 10 Mario enemies can be found in Link’s Awakening, including fan-favorite Mario boss

With Link making a guest appearance in Mario Kart 8, Kotaku has assembled an article detailing all of the times the Zelda and Mario franchises have crossed over. Starting with The Legend of Zelda and the Manhandla, going all the way to the current Mario Kart 8 DLC, Kotaku has chronicled over a dozen instances of find Link in Mario and Mario in Zelda. Hit the jump to take a took at the article.

French artist Vadu Amka recreated a Zelda GameCube, customizing the console and controller in the art style of Wind Waker. The detail and art of this design is stunning, resembling a Hylian design but also custom to a unique Wind Waker look. Hit the jump to see more of Amka’s project!

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo recently interviewed Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma about the process of constructing dungeons in different Zelda games, as well as the rather dark mature nature of Majora’s Mask. In the interview, Aonuma talks about the different strategies and considerations for the creation of a Zelda dungeon. He also gives insight into the inspiration of the Lover’s Quest in Majora’s Mask and explains why the game strays so far from the typical Zelda atmosphere.

If you love the Legend of Zelda series, then you know who Tingle is. The middle-aged man whose vehicle of choice is a balloon attached to his back. Tingle first appeared in Majora’s Mask on the N64 and appeared in quite a few Zelda games proceeding that; specifically Oracle of Ages, The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, The Minish Cap, and he is part of the Majora’s Mask DLC of Hyrule Warriors. Tingle also makes minor appearances in Phantom Hourglass…

A lot of people dislike Majora’s Mask 3D because they believe it to be too complicated and too much work. With only having three days and having to switch between masks so often, a lot of people don’t like it. So whether you’re replaying it or it’s your first time, there are some things you need not worry about with Kotaku’s list of tips on surviving in Termina. Check out some details after the jump!

The guys over at Kotaku are currently hosting a contest for fans to create their own Zelda themed New Nintendo 3DS XL. In light of how fast the Majora’s Mask New 3DS is selling out everywhere it pops up, they have created this fun competition to give you a chance to create your own using your favourite Zelda game; not limited just to Majora’s Mask designs. Hit the jump for information.

A recent article from Kotaku covers how the gameplay of Hyrule Warriors is something that Zelda fans likely won’t enjoy. If you’re a fan who just likes the lore of Zelda, you might want to give Hyrule Warriors a try. Hit the jump to read more!