Tri Force Heroes: Blizzagia Boss Fight Footage

blizzagiaIn a new game play video for Tri Force Heroes by GameXplain, a cooperative boss fight against the boss Blizzagia was shown. In the video three heroes are shown working together to do lots of damage to the boss, with one of them having fireballs. As there was ice everywhere it was cold, so the Links befittingly wore winter outfits to protect themselves from the cold. They were shown using hammers to inflict harm on the enemy and they managed to strip off the enemies icy layer after doing a significant amount of damage.

You can check out the footage yourself after the jump!
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Gossip Stone: Should Link Be Made to Deal with a Real, Impactful Instance of Death?

mikausgrave-1The day Link lost his uncle in Hyrule Castle’s sewers in A Link to the Past all those years ago, people knew that The Legend of Zelda would not always be simply about fighting monsters and saving a princess. It is often about losing something that truly matters to you personally, and fighting to make sure that you can get it back. This level of personal motivation mostly involves Link losing someone he cares about to the evil attacking Hyrule, but is it not odd that no one close to him ever actually dies? Not to sound harsh towards Link or his loved ones, but death is a common and effective plot driver in giving people a reason to venture out as Link has. Will someone he knows and loves die in the future? Should they, and what can we expect to come of it based on past games?

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New Tri Force Heroes Screenshots

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.06.25 AM With Tri Force Heroes‘ release less than three weeks away, we’re getting down to the wire, and the news just keeps on coming. We’ve got several new screenshots for you guys, so go ahead and make the jump to see the latest images!

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Epic A Link to the Past Orchestral Medley

downloadIt seems that recreating Zelda music in creative new ways, no matter the series title, never gets old. YouTuber RebeccaETripp, known for making incredible orchestral medleys and songs from numerous games, has made made a medley for A Link to the Past. the 20-minute long medley has music from almost the entire game, and is well-worth a listen. You can also buy the medley off of her Bandcamp page for only a dollar!

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Why Customization in Zelda Won’t Ruin Your Experience

ZD ImageOne of the biggest debates in the Zelda community is if Link should be a female or not. I understand that this is a touchy subject as some people view this as a lazy way to insert a strong female character in order to appease fans, while others maintain that the spirit of the hero needs to remain a man throughout the franchise. On the flip side, a large portion of fans assert that having Link be a female would be a refreshing change to a series that relies on reincarnation as a way to have similar gameplay and characters in every addition, but with characteristics that are unique to each game. Then you have the fans like me who just drool at the thought of a new installment of Zelda and do not care what sex the main character is. However, there is a sensible compromise to both sides of the argument that in theory could make everyone happy. Read more…

New Hyrule Warriors Legends Details Coming This Week

hyrule-warriors-legends-artWith all of the talk surrounding Tri Force Heroes, it’s easy to forget that there’s another handheld Zelda adventure on the way. News updates regarding Hyrule Warriors Legends have been relatively infrequent since the game’s official unveiling at E3. Considering that the 3DS reimagining is still several months away from its Japanese release, there isn’t that need for constant marketing. It’s somewhat surprising, then, to hear that, despite the barrage of information we received a couple of weeks ago, more news is on the way. According to the game’s Japanese Twitter account, new details will be revealed this coming week.

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Collectible Badge Center Adds Wind Waker HD Badges

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.42.29 AMThe Collectible Badge Center for the 3DS is still a Japan exclusive; for those of you that might have never heard about it before, its an awesome little crane-like mini game that you can play for “badges” that you then use to decorate your 3DS Home Screen. Recently they have added another set of Zelda badges in the form of characters from The Wind Waker HD, you can get your hands on Zelda, Tingle, and Ganondorf in a total of eight different panels. The weekly update for the mini-game added several other badges from various games as well as Swapnote Nikki. Is the Collectible Badge Center something you would like to see come to other zones outside of Japan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Japanese 3DS (via: NintendoEverything)

Sweet Paper Zelda Dioramas (One Has Sound!)

tumblr_n57g59U3fp1tb8qk1o1_1280A flickr user named Wuppes has created a number of awesome, framed Zelda dioramas out of paper. The use of layers inside the frames simulate a 3D effect, similar to what you see in the 3D Classic versions of NES games on 3DS. Wuppes has made a diorama of the Windfish Egg from Link’s Awakening, the full map from A Link to the Past, and from the same game, one of Link pulling the Master Sword. The Master Sword one even has sound effects!

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Short and Comprehensive Tri Force Heroes Overview

 The staff over at Pocket Gamer has been playing through an early copy of Tri Force Heroes and has amassed a short yet comprehensive guide to give an overview of the early stages of the game before you pick up your copy on October 23rd. The guide takes you through what the game is about, how to play without two friends readily available, how progress saves when playing with different groups, how much the game feels like a main series Zelda title, its balance of action and leisure, the ingame shops, online play quality, its competitive elements, and its overall impression. To see the list visit Pocket Gamer, or read a summary of it after the jump!

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Tri Force Heroes: Water Boss Battle Footage

legend-zelda-triforce-heroes-3ds-e3-2015A recent video from GameSpot has revealed footage of a currently unnamed boss in Tri Force Heroes. The boss is fought with the new item, the Water Rod, and though simple in design, seems like it will be a lot of fun to fight! Tri Force Heroes is releasing on the 23rd this month, so if this boss looks like fun, then never fear! It’ll be a fight you can be a part of real soon!

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Gossip Stone: What Control Scheme Should Be Used For Zelda U?

Hi everyone and welcome to the latest edition of Gossip Stone! This time around we’re going to be focusing on Zelda U and how it should be played. We’ve got Wii U Pro Controllers, we have the Wii U Gamepad, and we have the Motion Controller and Nunchucks. Today we are going to be discussing which controller will be best suited to Zelda U. So without further ado everybody, I present to you today’s Gossip Stone! Read more…

New Tri Force Heroes Trailer Voiced By Princess Styla Herself

IMG_2796 In a new five and a half minute trailer for Tri Force Heroes, the plight of Princess Styla is detailed by the woman herself. After describing her curse, she explains that she needs heroes to get her style back and that players can join up with friends or anyone online. The number of dungeons, the use of items, and other gameplay elements are briefly covered. Then Styla introduces Madame Couture, the use of outfits, and the colosseum mode. During all of this you’ll be treated to her quirky comedy and prissy shrieks, so check out the trailer after the jump!

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EGX Fan Reactions to Triforce Heroes

Are you pumped? Are you Excited? Are you READY?! We are only three weeks away from the release of the newest title in the Zelda line, Triforce Heroes. And Nintendo is pulling out all the stops, from teasers to screenshots to videos on game mechanics. And the gamers over at EGX are just as pumped as they give their reactions to the playable versions at the convention. Hit the jump to see what they have to say, and make sure you are completely prepared for Triforce Heores! Read more…

Triforce Heroes co-developed by Grezzo


It seems like Nintendo’s relationship with Grezzo is becoming a staple in their handheld gaming. If you don’t recognize the name Grezzo, then go check out your copy of either Ocarina of Time 3D or Majora’s Mask 3D. The Japanese video game developer company, founded in 2006, has made great fame by adapting our favorite Zelda console games to the handheld 3DS. And I for one am a huge fan of their work. Now it seems that they have put their focus into the completely new title Triforce Heroes. This isn’t the first time Grezzo has worked on a new title, but it is the first time working with a new Zelda game. Personally I believe this amps up the games abilities, seeing as how well they were able to seamlessly adapt Ocarina and Majora to a completely different console. They obviously know the 3DS very well, and are capable of creating a unique and wonderful experience for old and new Zelda gamers. Can’t wait till Oct. 23!
Source: Nintendo Everything