ZeldathonHOPE is About to Begin!

zeldathon-hope-logo-colorIt’s that time of year again! The awesome charity marathon, the Zeldathon, is about to start! Literally! Their stream page has a countdown running at the moment with some sweet Zelda remixes playing for those eagerly awaiting the start of the marathon. As always, expect loads of Zelda titles to be played through (with even more that can be played, if enough money is raised), and of course, hilarious shenanigans will ensue after everyone starts donating and demanding that the streamers do the silliest of things. Starting with Ocarina of Time at 4pm EST today, the marathon is set to run all the way to Saturday with The Wind Waker, but again, a lot of money is likely to come in, and that will lead to more games to appear on the schedule. Funds raised this year will be going to HelpHOPELive, a non-profit organization that helps those in need to pay off medical bills. The marathon has not even started yet, but has already raised over $13,000, but people should still donate to help out all they can.

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Since 2009, Zeldathon events have raised over $625,000 for good causes

ERIE, PA – On December 27th, 2015 at 4pm US Eastern Time, a group of over fifty gamers will gather to raise money for HelpHOPELive at Zeldathon Hope, the fifteenth biannual marathon from The Zeldathon Team. During the event, the team will be playing The Legend of Zelda series, while broadcasting the gameplay on Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers and a primary sponsor. HelpHOPELive is a charity dedicated to supporting community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical and related expenses due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

The Zeldathon Hope livestream will be full of fun personalities who will encourage viewers to donate to the worthwhile cause with each contribution increasing the length of the marathon up to 150 hours. To incentivize donations, as the total rises over the marathon, more games will be unlocked and played.

The Zeldathon Team will also offer creative and entertaining donation goals during the marathon to inspire contributions. Examples include live musical performances, hair dyeing, and over the top costumes. The use of these goals has made Zeldathon one of the most unique gaming marathons, and will help the team achieve their goal of $150,000 this December.

Over the past six years, Zeldathon marathons have experienced exponential growth. The latest marathon raised over $196,000 for charity: water with up to 174,000 unique visitors a day and over 3,000 average concurrent viewers at any given time.

For more information, press assets or to tune into the event, please visit http://zeldathon.net . Also, follow us on Twitter at @Zeldathons and #Zeldathon.
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About Zeldathon
Zeldathon is a gaming marathon occurring multiple times a year broadcast out of northwest Pennsylvania. Founded in 2009, 100% of funds raised through these marathons will go directly to highly accredited charities worldwide. To date, the team has raised over $625k.


About HelpHOPELive
Founded in 1983, HelpHOPELive is a charity dedicated to support community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical and related expenses due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

About Twitch
Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 1.7 million broadcasters. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, user generated content, and the entire esports scene. Twitch also features Twitch Creative , a category devoted to the creative process. For more information visit the Twitch website and blog.


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