Warning: This post contains some spoilers for The Champions’ Ballad.

You’ve finished your final Divine Beast, and you’re preparing to start The Champions’ Ballad DLC, because you’re not quite ready to go take on Calamity Ganon. You take Link back to the Shrine of Resurrection, where he is greeted by a brand new, omniscient voice, naming itself Maz Koshia. The voice proceeds to guide him through a new set of trials, challenging him ultimately to face the fears hidden away in his mind and become the worthy Hero of Hyrule. The final challenge? A battle of ancient techniques with Monk Maz Koshia itself.

“Let us begin.”

Though in the moment of battle we are given plenty to work with to defeat the monk, not much is known about Maz Koshia’s origins. In this video, YouTube theorist Macintyre examines several points that might shine a little more light on the mysterious monk from Breath of the Wild. He takes closer looks at the history of Hyrule, the exile of the Sheikah and the subsequent tribe division, weapons and fighting techniques of both branches, and, funnily enough, cuisine.

So where did the ancient monk come from? Can Maz Koshia be linked to the Yiga Clan, or do similarities in fighting techniques merely come as a result of the times in which Maz Koshia lived? We may never really know. Yet one thing remains for sure: there is far more to the story left to be told.

What do you think? Give the video a watch and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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