It’s certainly no secret that many, many of you have not played or finished Zelda II, but to the few that have, it’s one of the most unique and satisfying gameplay experiences out there. Not many other games have tried to emulate the Zelda II formula, so it’s a treat when a game is released that does. Last year, Ansimuz Games’ Elliot’s Quest, an indie 8-bit homage to Zelda II, was released onto Steam. Today, those with a Wii U will have a chance to pick up this charming game as it has been finally released onto the Nintendo eShop.

Elliot’s Quest is an 8-bit adventure RPG inspired by NES classics like Zelda II and Mega Man. Players control Elliot, a cursed hero that must explore a mysterious land to cure his curse before it’s too late. The game features five dungeons, 16 bosses, hidden areas, and towns to explore. Elliot’s Quest is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U for $12.99 USD. If you’ve been looking for a way to scratch that Zelda II itch, this game looks like the best way to do so.

Source: Ansimuz Games (via My Nintendo News)

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