Today’s Zelda Fanart Spotlight is on deviantart member, Woodland-Mel aka Melora the owner of the Zelda site, History of Hyrule. To be more specific about which fanart of hers we’re going to be looking at it’s her work Dark World: Catfish.

In this fanart it shows one of the memorable parts of the Zelda game, A Link to the Past. This part is when Link is in the Dark World at the river located at the base of the east side of the mountain. It is here that he encounters a catfish after he throws a stone into a circle of rocks. In order to get the Hero to leave the catfish gives him the Quake Medallion which gives Link the ability to create earthquakes by striking his sword into the earth.

The details shown in this picture are quite stunning and really let you see how this scene would actually look like had the game been 3D-like. The red sky and purple lightning create the environment that is seen when you’re in the Dark World and it also reminds you that you are definitely not in Hyrule. The way that the two characters are drawn looks very lifelike and it fits perfectly of how this scene would be visualized if this were real.

This artist also has other Zelda-related artwork in her gallery. Please let us both know what you thought of this piece of fanart and stay tuned for the next fanart spotlight!

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