A few days ago, my good friend Ike over on Twitter sent me an idea pitch to spotlight streamer and content creator TriFelicia. Ike was really passionate about her ongoing series of videos over on TikTok covering theories on Tears of the Kingdom, of which she has done over a hundred! I found that devotion so impressive; I had to dig bit deeper to see these theories for myself.

I watched a few of the earliest videos first. Seeing the progression of the formatting for the content was cool, and I was surprised that after only about seven videos the presentation got ironed out. Keep in mind, videos for TikTok have to be short form, so these theories don’t go in-depth really. That’s why the intro for the videos state that these are theories that have “little to no explanation.”  I think it’s cool that there is theorizing going on via the platform in bite-sized presentation, since it broadens the potential audience for the content.


There is actually a theory covered in those early videos that I found really interesting: TriFelicia posits that the central character seen on the mural in the latest Tears of Kingdom trailer might be some kind of Gerudo deity, and that the seven objects or “tears” surrounding it might be symbolic of the Seven Heroines. It’s a pretty interesting take, since the majority of current fan speculation seems to be focused only on the Zonai being connected to those murals and not other potential cultures.

In addition to making her own theories, TriFelicia also covers theories submitted to her. So if you’d like to see her tackle a particular theory you’ve seen around the web, or even one you’ve created yourself, send it her way! Her latest video can be found in the tweet above! She is 125 days into this endeavor and will continue until Tears of the Kingdom releases! So there is still a lot of time left to submit something, if you feel inclined.

Did you know that there was theorizing going on through TikTok? Do you have any unique theories about Tears of the Kingdom? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Source: TriFelicia

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