Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.37.44 PMEver since the announcement about the partnership between Nintendo and DeNa, the speculation of what the possibilities could be have been endless. Now with DeNA making a statement about four weeks ago that an announcement of the first mobile game was imminent and the news from Nintendo today, that a Direct is scheduled for this Thursday, we just might learn what that first mobile title could be. This leads us to our topic for this week’s Zelda Dungeon Talks!

We asked several staff members to answer the question: What would you like to see from a Zelda game on a mobile device? Jump on in past the break and see what the team had to say. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments too!


Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

Personally I am squarely opposed to Nintendo developing games for mobile devices. It will limit them to the power of whatever phone or tablet the games are released on, as well as put them at the mercy of the policy of various companies making these devices. By designing their own hardware they know the limits they are working with, as does anyone developing for the handheld. Furthermore, it would come at a cost for Nintendo. Millions of people buy their handhelds to play Nintendo exclusives, and giving this up to develop for devices instead will come at a significant loss of revenue for Nintendo, whose handhelds have thus far been printing money. Additionally the input on a tablet or phone is far more reliant on a touchscreen than a handheld with buttons, making it less on the input. As such, I really want Nintendo to stick to their handhelds and not move to mobile devices.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

I wouldn’t want a traditional Zelda game on a mobile platform, so I don’t really expect much save for that it should most definitely be a spin-off. While playing old-age Zelda games on my phone isn’t awful, I prefer even the 2D titles to be on Nintendo handhelds and would not willingly subject myself to games as large as main series Zelda titles while on my mobile phone. I would hope for less involved games, ones that can be played just as time wasters but are still engaging. Honestly, I’d want all those Japanese-exclusive Tingle spinoffs on mobile, those are the kinds of Zelda games I see being the most effective for mobile gaming; something silly and fun that won’t contribute much to the Legend of Zelda lore so fans who opt not to play won’t be missing anything.


Brandon Schmitz – View Profile

Although I’m totally open to changing my stance, I’m still not sold on the prospect of Nintendo entering the mobile gaming market. Considering how certain elements of mobile games have wormed their way into $60 titles, I’m skeptical as to whether this will benefit Nintendo in the long run. That said, I’m with Alexis on this — a mobile Zelda project should be an experimental diversion from the traditional games. The Tingle series in particular sounds like a solid template. Additionally, I’d appreciate seeing Nintendo stray away from the more insidious elements of mobile gaming. The weaker the emphasis on microtransactions, the better.

Kira Koneko – View Profile

I will have to second the idea that both Alexis and Brandon have posed. Initially I am against Nintendo creating games for mobile devices, I am open to them making things that could in essence be a compliment to the game. Take for example a Pokedex, perfect companion for playing your main title on your Nintendo device and something that fits very well into the mobile market. The idea of a cute and silly spinoff is not all together a bad idea, it might even encourage those that would otherwise never purchase a 3DS for example to be inspired to do so if they like the mobile game. So I guess I can see the benefits of both concepts but ultimately I love Nintendo for the very things that only Nintendo can provide, for the seamless way their titles work well with their consoles and I am afraid that magic could be lost with the mobile market. But I gotta say a Puzzles & Dragons X Zelda game might not be that bad, or maybe even an Infinity Blade X Zelda! No, Zelda’s true home is on a Nintendo made device!



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