FacebookI’m happy to announce that the Zelda Dungeon Facebook account now has 4000 people liking it! It really has skyrocketed in the last few weeks ever since the new layout change and I’m very pleased with the results. A big thanks to our Facebook Coordinator Joseph who is constantly updating the Facebook page with all the news here at Zelda Dungeon, as well as fun pictures, videos fans works, rare finds, and a whole bunch more. Additionally, Joseph is also asking raising questions or making comments about the various Zelda games, the future of the series, Skyward Sword, and anything and everything related to Zelda, Gaming, and the website. If you aren’t a fan yet, (what’s wrong with you), you can become one simply by clicking the like button that appears on the sidebar in the facebook box. Alternatively, just head on over to the Zelda Dungeon Facebook account and check us out that way.

Oh by the way, I think it is also worth mentioning that Zelda Dungeon is now on Twitter. We had an account long ago, but I personally was never much of a Twitter fan and it was neglected. However, after doing some convincing, our very own Axle the Beast has decided to take over the Twitter account and is now posting news and various other goodies at Twitter, so be sure to check us out there as well!

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