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As a cosplayer, I know the amount of time and work that goes into the craft, and everyone in this video aims to impress. I’ll let the video speak for itself because there really isn’t much to say. People are dressed like Zelda characters. The popularity of cosplay has increased drastically over the years to the point that people are now making a living off of it. While few reach that level, many do it for the sake of either pretending to be one of their favorite anime or video game characters or experiencing…

Most every video game website or magazine recently chose their “Game of the Year”, and it differs from publication to publication. Amongst all the great games this year, GameSpot chose A Link Between Worlds as their game this year to much negative feedback from the community. So GameSpot made a hilarious video reply! Hit the jump to watch!

On and off, there’s talk among the Nintendo and Zelda communities on the subject of whether or not Nintendo should listen to their fans more when developing games. Of course, the vast, vast majority of us are completely aware that Nintendo is closer to their products and obviously has a better understanding of the way in which they function, but at the same time, many would argue that Nintendo would do well to more often remove themselves from their product and see what the people they’re marketing it to really want. For better or for worse, however, Aonuma says fans already do have an expanded influence on titles in the Zelda series.

“I think with the Zelda series there are things in the games I’m trying to express, but there are also things the fans are expecting. The fans are expecting so much, but at the same time, like with Hyrule Historia, they are also more involved now.” — Eiji Aonuma

Look past the jump to see more of what he had to say.

As many Zelda fans know, when a new Legend of Zelda game comes out, be it a remake or a brand new one, there is a lot of hype that surrounds the game. Along with the hype though there are many people who show their displeasure for a game when it is announced only to reverse their initial feelings for those of happiness once the game is released. The Wind Waker is a well known example of this. When The…

Information about the upcoming The Wind Waker HD has been tricking in a lot more often lately. Well Aonuma is back with a new interview on Polygon where he tells fans just a little bit more about the long awaited remake. In this he shares his concerns about making too many changes to the original game and how it might upset fans. He states how he saw the negative reaction from fans after showing images in a Nintendo Direct presentation…

The Wind Waker HD is only a couple weeks away from release in North America. Fans are slowly going insane as the await the release of this revamped classic. This is obviously no secret to those of you who attended PAX. The demo had one of the longest lines at PAX this year. The hype for this release is only growing stronger. Check out the hype after the jump!

Nintendo is famous for its innovation. Every generation, the Big N comes out with something new and attempts to be revolutionary, from its consoles to its games. Some of the most highly rated games of all time, such as Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, have come from Nintendo when no one was really expecting it. Nintendo’s strongest point is its innovation, but it comes with a price.

Many people feel cut-off from Nintendo when they make decisions without listening to the fans. There was outrage when The Wind Waker was released over the cel-shaded graphics that were used, and barely anyone, besides Zelda die-hards, remembers Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Thus, innovation is not always favored over listening to the fans. Find out what Zelda series producer, Eiji Aonuma, said concerning Zelda and the fans inside!

Apparently the symbol of the Zelda series, the Triforce, has reached levels of popularity in Japan that even we here at Zelda Informer couldn’t imagine. According to user @mahosyouzyo on Twitter, she redesigned her kamon, or Japanese family crest, when she was approached by her family to after a relative passed away. The relative had wanted to redesign the kamon for years, and the design @mahosyouzyo came up with was used by the family and placed on the tombstone. Pictured here is the supposed tombstone which was found on her Twitter account. Find out more after the jump!

Zeldamotion, the animated web series based on the manga for A Link to the Past, is making progress slowly but surely. I recently spoke with the creator of the project who told me about a vlog they made concerning the project and the Kickstarter they plan on creating to help the process. Mikey (Mechawatts) and Zach of Aeipathy Industries introduce themselves and discuss Zeldamotion’s A Link to the Past animated series. They also talk about the kickstarter planned to help…

Courtesy of Redditor Kikera comes an awesome pillow in the likeness of a rupee straight out of the Zelda franchise. Kikera, (Rachel R on Etsy) has begun hand-sewing each and every pillow, charging $25 for a single pillow plus $5 for shipping and handling.