There’s a moment in Breath of the Wild when you feel like you’ve seen or heard everything. Every time this happens, the game rewards you with something amazing and unexpected. For me, that moment of discovery is exemplified by the Night Riding theme from Breath of the Wild.

You’re riding in the darkness, under the stars and moon, and you hear the unfamiliar song blossom into the iconic The Legend of Zelda theme. It’s a moment that reminds you of the long history of the series, and the magic of its music. This harp cover by Amy Turk captures the feeling of wonder that I often feel when hearing the theme.

The harp serves as the primary instrument, conjuring the motion and movement of riding a horse. Meanwhile, the violin makes a grand entrance in the middle of the song, providing a contrast to the frantic harp. It’s an arrangement that is true to the spirit of the original track, while also highlighting great performances on both the violin and harp.

If you want to hear more from the talented Amy Turk, check out her rendition of the Day Riding theme from Breath of the Wild.

What do you think of this cover from Breath of the Wild? Will you check out any more of Amy Turk’s work? Let us know in the comments below!

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