Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

One of the more curious pieces from Breath of the Wild‘s soundtrack is “Riding,” the theme that plays when Link rides a horse companion across the fields of Hyrule. Serving as an Overworld theme of sorts — at least for those players that fancied horses as a primary mode of transportation — both the Day and Night versions of this tune can provide a relaxing and heartwarming atmosphere for travel-weary adventures. At the same time, the song’s unusual structure and lead melody strike players every time they mount their horse, creating a strange, but overall upbeat mood with which to ride to.

Musicians Amy Turk and Patti Rudisill recently performed their own masterful rendition of “Riding (Day),” with Turk’s harp serving as the lead instrument. The strings of the harp maintain a heavier presence than the original’s piano, making the arrangement seem more airy and angelic. And the moment at which Rudisll’s violin comes in is just as awe inspiring as the string section from the original. Even the arrangement’s music video is professionally executed, featuring beautiful locales from a farm in Surrey, England.

You can hear more from Amy Turk over at her YouTube channel right here, and more from Patti Rudisill at her YouTube channel right here.

What are your thoughts on this arrangement? Let us know in the comments below.

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