320px-Kakarikowindmill-e13655540003291113This medley is probably one you’ve heard before because it’s absolutely fantastic, however it’s one that I return to listen to often. The fantastic violin duet coupled with great costumes, scenery, and visual performance of Lindsey Stirling herself make an overall fantastic video. In fact, the violin playing almost makes me want to see how a violin could be incorporated into a future Zelda game.

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There are actually two videos of this piece. One is the dramatic, cinematic version, and the other is simply Lindsey playing the duet by herself (with a bit of video editing, of course). If you haven’t seen the original, I strongly suggest watching the first video beforehand, but the second video is a bit different experience for those who are familiar with this medley.

That was pretty stunning. Lindsey Stirling is a fantastic violinist and I suspect there might be a bit of magic coming with the music, similar to when Link plays the Ocarina of Time or the Wind Waker.

Also, while there aren’t any other videos of her playing her violin to a Zelda tune, there is a freddiew video¬†featuring her as Link again.

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Source: YouTube

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