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It seems that recreating Zelda music in creative new ways, no matter the series title, never gets old. YouTuber RebeccaETripp, known for making incredible orchestral medleys and songs from numerous games, has made made a medley for A Link to the Past. the 20-minute long medley has music from almost the entire game, and is well-worth a listen. You can also buy the medley off of her Bandcamp page for only a dollar! Check out the video after the jump!

The Zelda series is no stranger to orchestral arrangements and covers, but it’s not everyday we hear a booming rendition of classic Zelda tunes performed by a single person. Talented multi-instrumentalist String Player Gamer recently released a masterful Zelda medley onto YouTube. The musician leads us through bite-sized orchestral versions of The Wind Waker‘s “Outset Island Theme,” A Link to the Past‘s “Forest Theme,” and more…

Zelda Piano Medley

June 12 2015 by Djinn

YouTube member Kurt Schneider recently uploaded a video covering several songs from the Zelda series appropriately titled Craziest Zelda Piano Medley. The video mixes lots of camera movement with the music to provide a professional looking recording. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

With all of the hype surrounding Majora’s Mask 3D, many fans have been enjoying a nostalgia kick and pondering all of the components that made Majora’s Mask so enjoyable. One of these would certainly be the music, which always fit the different scenarios so well that it helped immerse players into the atmosphere of Termina. Musician Michael T. Samson recently arranged an extraordinary addition to the multitude of Majora’s Mask medleys out there. Samson’s orchestral rendition “The Legend of Zelda:…

A Link Between Worlds has been out for less than half a year, and you can already find loads and loads of fan-created content on the internet, which goes to show how truly popular this title was. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given how good the sales figures were, and how many awards it has received. We have already shown some of the very wonderful fan art one can find out there, and that’s not to speak of the people who have pulled out really incredible cosplay in such a short time, such as Laahmichelle‘s Zelda or Verinha-chan‘s Hilda. But these tributes can not only be found in the visual arts—this time we bring an incredible medley by youtube artist MetalLouis. Read after the jump to find this amazing piece of music!

A Brazilian band called Gameboys recently uploaded a video aptly described as, “The Legend of Zelda Medley”. Parts of the six and a half minute medley certainly have a Brazilian taste to them, especially the Gerudo Valley part, and I think this ranks amongst my most favorite Zelda medleys because of that. This is definitely worth a listen, so if you’re curious, hit the jump to watch!

There are many Zelda fans out there replaying and recreating many of the memorable songs from the series. YouTuber iPlay video game music has recently posted his latest piece, the theme from the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

While looking around for some new Zelda music covers to listen to, I stumbled across this epic Majora’s Mask medley. At almost 30 minutes long, it’s probably the single longest medley I’ve ever have the pleasure of listening to, and boy did I enjoy it. Shorter medleys can’t necessarily afford to spend as long on each bit of music, however this one feels full, and definitely has become one of my favorites. It’s a half an hour of piano playing to the…

Medleys seem to be the most popular way to cover Zelda music, and I’ve often wondered why that is. I suppose it would be rather disappointing to listen to music in 30-45 seconds chunks, and considering a lot of Zelda music is designed to loop after a short period of time, single pieces that lasted 2 minutes could get boring. Either way, hit the jump to listen to a fantastic piano and violin medley!

Recently our favorite YouTube pianist, Kyle Landry, uploaded a video of him playing some tunes on an old upright piano instead of his normal electric keyboard. Not only does this medley contain Zelda music, but also some Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Mario themes! Overall it’s a very soothing medley and definitely worth a listen. Hit the jump to watch the video!