OP3_1920x1080It seems that no matter how recently a game comes out, glitches will be found and hugely exploited for speedrun purposes. People started finding glitches in A Link Between Worlds almost right after it came out, and the resulting exploits were quite funny. YouTuber AurumDude has showcased many interesting glitches, mainly used for speedruns, and many of them are quite simple to reach with some practice.

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I find it interesting that, unlike other Zelda games, you can do not only activate wall clips, but even floor clips, sending you to other floors of dungeons with proper BombRod executions, since the floors are not all separated by loading zones. If you are an avid speedrunner, this game is likely a great game to get introduced to speedrunning with. The glitches are not all that difficult, again, with practice, so it is worth a shot. Otherwise, these tricks are just plain fun to try out. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to go back to practice my Dash Cancelling.

Are you going to try any of these glitches? Would you like to try speedrunning A Link Between Worlds? Drop a comment!

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