Can you feel that breeze coming down Zora River? Mases and I certainly could as we make our way to Zora’s Domain in the newest Zelda Warfare! Of course war is big business, so our main focus in this campaign is to support the Hyrulian economy. We give money to the Gorons, the good people of Kakariko Village, and the poor Zora shop that had been frozen up. To support our spending habits, we begin the poe collecting sidequest for the creepy man in the market. Our end goal obviously is to make our way to the Ice Cavern, which is where we will begin our next campaign.

You clearly are not going to want to miss our race through the Ice Cavern. If you want to know when the next campaign is released, head on over to our Youtube page and subscribe! Let us know who you are rooting for. We started off this race with a tie so it’s still anyone’s game at this point. Mases hasn’t had the lead often, but I’m on a two campaign losing streak. It has been a pretty exciting back and forth so far.

You can find both of us not engaged in combat on Mases’ Twitter and Gooey’s Twitter.

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