Adam, host of Zelda Informer’s weekly podcast, was on the E3 show floor playing a lot of Tri Force Heroes. After the fun we all had playing through the game’s Volcano stage, Adam decided to run through another. Watch as he and other E3 attendees go hands-on with Tri Force HeroesTemple stage, confronting many dangerous team-based traps and puzzles.

Adam was joined by attendees Stephen and Nick for this playthrough. With Adam taking charge, the team continued to communicate and find unique solutions to puzzles. The Nintendo representative even points out how the team worked through puzzles differently than other teams throughout the week. Tri Force Heroes continued to show off how challenges can be overcome in multiple different ways.

You can watch our team’s other E3 videos on Zelda Informer’s YouTube channel, including more footage from Tri Force Heroes and Super Mario Maker. Keep an eye out for more Tri Force Heroes videos and much more.

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