zelda_triforce_heroesAre you enjoying Tri Force Heroes? Right now, people seem to be liking both the multiplayer and single-player modes of the game, but did you know that originally, there was to only be multiplayer? It is certainly a good thing that was not what happened, or many players would likely be quite angry. In an interview with Time magazine, Aonuma and Shikata discuss the game, and detail how single-player was added.

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“When we started, I didn’t have any thoughts of creating a single-player mode, because I was focused on a three-player mode that’s fun. So one day, Aonuma-san steps in and says ‘Can you make a single-player for this?’ And I was thinking ‘Oh no, no, that’s not . . . All of a sudden? Wow, can we?’ And so we went back and forth about it.” – Shikata

“When I created Marvelous [an action-adventure for the Super Nintendo released in Japan in 1996], it was a three-player game, and so I said ‘How about something like that?’.” – Aonuma

“Yeah, so we thought maybe it’s not possible, but then we started talking about it, and we said ‘How about one course, can we do it on just one?’ And that led to ‘Can we do it on all courses?’ And it turned out it was doable. So ultimately what happened was, we were able to create a new way of playing the game that was different from the multiplayer experience. I also think that because we have the multiplayer experience, the single-player stands out,” adds Aonuma. “And because we have all of these different ways of experiencing the game, these different design ideas, I think that’s what sets it apart.” – Aonuma

I am very happy they added single-player. If they didn’t, we would have ended up with the same issue as with the original Four Swords. Yes, online play on the 3DS is a lot easier than trying to find other people to do local multiplayer on a Gameboy Advance, but still, it would present major problems.

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