Top 10 Epic Moments In Zelda

One of the many things The Legend of Zelda series is known for is having truly amazing and memorable moments. Who can forget their first experience with a Zelda game? We can all remember certain moments from each Zelda game that we can look back on and relive over and over. Other parts of the games seem a bit fuzzy even though they were still an enjoyable experiences of their own. It’s just that Zelda games are all packed with so many different amazing things it’s hard to remember the minor events.

So do you ever wonder that with so many different great moments in all of the Zelda games, what are the greatest moments of them all? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading after the jump for my top 10 countdown to find out.

10. Discovering the Minish.
We have ventured across Hyrule many times before, but for the first time we discovered a completely new and unheard of race, the Minish. We discover Ezlo who has been transformed into a hat and gives Link the power to shrink down to Minish size and interact with this newly discovered race. In the Zelda games we have time traveled, transformed into new characters, and ventured to different worlds, but this is the first time we are able to shrink down to the size of a bug. Imagine how easy a dungeon would be when all you have to do is climb through a keyhole. The ability to shrink down to the size of a bug and interact with a brand new race is definitely an epic event.

9. Discovering Hyrule Field.
In Ocarina of Time for the first time in our life we were thrown into a full 3D world of Hyrule with absolutely nowhere to go except to head north. It was the first full 3D game a lot of us had ever played and being stunned by the graphics and visual content made it even more epic. Hyrule Field from OoT is by far the best overworld from a Zelda game I have encountered and just has a brilliant design giving us an incredible sense of freedom that no other game has given us while at the same time keeping us out of places we weren’t meant to be yet.

8. Glitches in the Series.
Glitches in the Zelda games are very well known. While some can ruin your game completely, others can add an incredible amount of replay value to the game. The Swordless Link Glitch which gives OoT endless possibilities and is truly an epic glitch. Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are probably the most notorious for these glitches and they really give the games a longer life span. Not only are you trying to 100% the game, but you are replaying it over and over trying to discover every single glitch left in the game.

7. Defeating Ganon in Wind Waker.
Don’t let the cartoonish cell shaded graphics fool you. This game is filled with epic moments. During this game you’re venturing around unraveling the mystery of why Hyrule flooded, discovering pieces of the triforce, discovering ancient hyrule, and finally make it to Ganondorf. This time however the power of the Master Sword is reawakened and you finally have the power to destroy him. Zelda even helps out and than it happens. Ganondorf is completely stunned and you press the button to perform the final blow, but wait.. Link jumps in the air and stabs the sword directly down Ganondorf’s face. Clearly a throwback to the ending of OoT, but this time it is truly unexpected since we’re dealing with cartoons after all. This was truly an epic moment for me and definitely one of the most memorable Zelda moments of all time.

6. Final moments of Twilight Princess.
I’m sure we all remember just how jaw dropping the reaction for Twilight princess was when it was announced at E3. Probably the greatest E3 reaction ever. I think this had a lot to do with the reason I didn’t find this game as amazing as it truly was. After seeing the reaction my hopes were just way too high. The game over all did have a great story, but it just seemed like it tried way too hard to be an “epic” Zelda game. Sure the graphics were just insane, but it started out kind of slow and seemed to drag on forever. As the story progressed, it slowly started getting better and by the end of the game I finally understood how truly epic of an experience it had been leading up

5. Beating the original Legend of Zelda.
The original Legend of Zelda that started it all. Even if you haven’t had the honor of playing this game yet than maybe you can remember back to the GameInformer Super Replays we posted about and how incredibly difficult this game is. No you don’t get a big flashy cinematic cutscene when you complete this game, but what you do get is the most epic feeling in the world. Give yourself a pat on the back because you just completed not only the hardest Zelda game of the series, but quite possibly one of the hardest video games period and if that’s not enough a brand new adventure awaits. I believe this is something every Zelda fan needs to experience atleast once.

4. Ending of Link’s Awakening.
You start this game off being washed up on island with no idea what happened. After making your way through the game encountering all of the odd creatures in the world the story starts to unfold. Finally you beat the game hoping the mystery of what you just experienced would be answered, but instead you’re left with an even harder mystery to solve. Was it all a dream or did it really happen? Ending a mysterious game with even more unsolved answers just adds so much speculation to this game. Mysterious moments like this is what drives Zelda fans to come up with their own theories to try and make sense out of a game. Which is why it has ranked so far up on my list.

3. Majora’s Mask.
If I listed each individual epic thing about this game I would have several different lists. Majora’s Mask is filled with amazing moments from learning you have only three days to save the world, helping everyone with their individual problems, collecting all of the masks, learning all the history to this newly discovered world, and finally receiving the Fierce Deity Mask. If all of that isn’t enough the ending leaves your mind rattled with questions of where Link went to next and what exactly was the mystery behind the Happy Mask Salesman? This is undoubtedly one of the most epic stories of all the Zelda games.

2. Skyward Sword.
What can I possibly say about Skyward Sword to some up all of it’s epicness in one paragraph? I don’t think I can. It is just filled with the most emotional cut scenes that I have ever seen. The incredible fully orchestrated soundtrack just adds on to the emotional connectivity to the game. If that’s not enough the gameplay, 1 to 1 motion controls, and boss battles are phenomenal. We see all of the events leading up to Ocarina of Time unravel in the most unforgettable Zelda adventure yet. If you can get passed the frustration of dying, getting lost or having to start over in certain spots than this game is epic in every single way. In my opinion it did exactly what Twilight Princess tried to do, what Ocarina of Time unknowingly did and added in so much more. The story of Skyward Sword is truly one of epic proportions! What more could you ask for in a video game? To make it better all this was accomplished on a Wii!

1. Pulling the Sword from the stone.
In OoT the most epic moment to ever be put into a Zelda game happens. When you finally pull the Master Sword up and your entire world changes. You’re now an adult and the entire world of Hyrule that you once knew is completely changed. This one event makes visiting the exact same places that you once were familiar with a new adventure on its own. Which is why this one moment in OoT takes the title as the most epic moment of Zelda history!

These are my personal most epic moments from any Zelda game, but what did you think? Is your list the same as mine or do you have a different moments that you think are more memorable. Let us know your list in the comments below.

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