Timeshift Thursday – Dragon Roost Island

I don’t remember a lot about the Wind Waker and that’s probably because I’ve only played it once. That being said, there was at least one special area I shan’t ever forgot on my first playthrough of this stunning gem. This area is the reason why I want to give the Wind Waker another shot and in doing so learn a lot about the different tribes and regions which remained after the flooding of Hyrule which occurred in the past after the events of Ocarina of Time. So, today I’d like us to use a timeshift stone to travel back and take a detailed look at the thoughts and theories revolving around the visually impressive Dragon Roost Island!

The inhabitants of this beautiful island of exploration happen to be a well depicted bird-like tribe called the Rito who, because of the changing of the world, evolved from another highlighted tribe in the Zelda series which we shall discuss later on. Link’s mission of finding the three Pearls of the Goddesses takes him first to Dragon Roost Island where he encounters his first genuine dungeon while also helping the Rito in the process. Link does meet up with memorable characters such as Medli, Prince Komali, and Quill as well during his time on the sacred island.

What makes Dragon Roost Island really special is the fact that the volcanic landscape seems to contemplate the magnificence of the once inner home of the Goron tribe, Death Mountain. Theories from widespread evidence suggest that Dragon Roost Island was, indeed, the realm of Death Mountain itself. Fans may notice while exploring Dragon Roost Cavern that there happen to be statues placed around the cavern which resemble the Gorons found in Death Mountain during the period Ocarina of Time is placed in. Also, carvings drawn around the cavern depict a dragon yet this cannot be detailing the current dragon living on top of Dragon Roost mountain, Valoo. The carvings depict a snake-like dragon closely in statue and shape to the ancient enemy of the Gorons, Volvagia. A Goron in Ocarina of Time states that bomb flowers only grow on Death Mountain yet they happen to be found on Dragon Roost Island, too. Because of this evidence and plenty more, we can indeed claim Dragon Roost Island to be where Death Mountain is situated.

The Rito are also a tribe of history and significance. Legend of Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that the Rito are an evolution from the powerful fish-like Zora tribe who swam in the glorious waters of Zora’s Domain during Hyrule’s past. Some may wonder why the Zora didn’t just live in the Great Sea after the great flooding occurred yet some theories suggest they would not have survived because of the dangerous threat in the watery abode, and also the lack of fish could have dried up their food source. We also can hint at the Ritos evolving from Zoras because they happen to showcase the Zora’s Sapphire symbol in different locations around Dragon Roost Island including their own clothing. Ritos seem to have wings in the same place on their arms as where the Zoras grow their fins as well. Although, because the Rito have flying capabilities they make great postal carriers over the far expanse of the Great Sea! Ritos are also rumored to have created the handy item, the grappling hook used throughout the Wind Waker and its sequel, Phantom Hourglass.

I really enjoyed this beautiful island and its amazing creatures mainly because of the Ritos themselves. They are so intriguing, so new and unlike anything ever included to the Zelda series before. They may seem a little shady at first because of their stern attitude toward outsiders yet they are a treat to have around, especially little Medli who ends up helping you restore the Master Sword by exploring the Earth Temple. I think Dragon Roost Island is also a pleasure to explore because of its many links toward Ocarina of Time and its fun dungeon and boss battle to complete. I am greatly looking forward to seeing how Nintendo bring this marvelous island into the next graphical dimension for the Wind Waker HD coming to Wii U this Fall.

What are your thoughts on Dragon Roost Island? Was this one of your memorable moments from the Wind Waker? Did you like Nintendo’s introducing of the Rito tribe to the Zelda series? Be sure to let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!