The folks at GameTrailers have gotten their hands on three short Japanese commercials for the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D. Each video is thirty seconds long displaying combat and gameplay with several different enemies in various parts of the game. They also include many brief  glimpses of a few memorable cutscenes including Zelda and Ganondorf. Further showing us some more of Castletown, the Goron Village and Hyrule field while giving us another look at some familiar faces in the updated graphics.  More after the break.

Regardless of their length these videos show me a lot. I loved the scenes of Link’s very first confrontation with Ganondorf in front of Hyrule Castle. Seeing a young Princess Ruto, Ingo, and Darunia were great additions as well. I was very impressed with the short tightrope walking scene in Goron Village, and now I really want to see that in 3D. Castletown looks as amazing as ever, I only wish they were just a little but longer so I could really look at everything.

So what do you think? Even more excited for Ocarina of Time 3D after viewing these? Did you notice any new additions? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameTrailers

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