If you were to look at a Zelda-centric list titled “Places That Go Bump in the Night”, we’re pretty sure that the Lost Woods would rank high up on that list. The woods are not only mysterious, but getting lost there will leave you with a grisly fate. Link has been fortunate enough to survive his time in the Lost Woods in each game, while others haven’t been so lucky. It’s because of these qualities that a couple of popular Zelda theorists recently dived deeper into what makes this eerie forest really tick.

In a collaboration with Hyrule Gamer, MaskedNintendoBandit looks closer at not only what the Lost Woods gives, but also what it can take. They take a look at things like the Stalfos and Skull Kids that live there, what it really means to get trapped there, and even the weird reverse effects of Saria’s Song, as they believe Saria’s Song played backward is what helps create the Stalfos.

What do you think of this theory? Is there more to the Lost Woods than meets the eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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