We here at Zelda Dungeon have been excitedly awaiting The Stable Trotters: a Zelda Tribute Album by composer Giovanni Rotondo for a while now! Rotondo, composer of the 8-bit Time Adventures collection of fan albums, was inspired by Tears of the Kingdom‘s traveling bard group the “Stable Trotters,” with the album envisioned as something the Stable Trotters themselves would sell at the end of their shows in the universe of the game. Throughout production, Rotondo has asked for Zelda fans’ input in the form of “Choice Quests,” as supporters helped decide the theme for the album art, what sorts of media (vinyl, streaming) the music should be available in, and even bonus tracks.

The Stable Trotters project, which recently launched on Kickstarter, ended up being vinyl focused, with three vinyl record editions now available: Silent Princess (blue), Sundelion (special edition from Wax Mage Records), and the newly unlocked Test Pressing (black). There is also an option for a premium interactive music download card that grants access to high-quality digital streaming and downloads of the songs, along with some bonuses!

Shipping on all editions is expected to begin in December 2024.

About the vinyl editions, Rotondo states:

Gotta Groove Records, with its mission to inspire and entertain through high-quality, aesthetically mind-blowing vinyl records, was a perfect match. This collaboration ensures that each record not only sounds pristine but is also a visual masterpiece, reflecting the artistry of the music it contains. Their commitment to minimal environmental impact aligns with the core values of this project, promising a product that is as sustainable as it is spectacular. Having produced over 10,000 releases, Gotta Groove stands out not only for its vast experience but also for its perfect-sound philosophy. As an added peace-of-mind feature, Gotta Groove Records will also take care of handling orders and shipping to customers.”

The album features the talented Vanessa Cremaschi on violin and Wakana Tateno on the horn, with Giovanni Rotondo himself performing flute and hand drum. The inclusion of live instruments breathes authenticity and warmth into the album. Rotondo wants this album to stand as an artistic beacon that radiates human connection, even as AI seems to be standing in the way of creative spheres.

The beautiful album artwork, prompted by the theme “Champion and Goddess,” was meanwhile designed by gouache artist Jae Sern. Rotondo says the cover “is going to be more than just an image; it’s going to be a tribute to the legendary tales and rich environments that have captivated Zelda fans for generations.”

Stable Trotters has shaped up to be a crowd-pleaser through and through!

The Stable Trotters‘ Kickstarter campaign has done quite well thus far. The project has already met and exceeded the original funding goal! If this project interests you, further support could still include extra bonuses. You can pledge support right here.

Here are some of the unlockable goals:

  • Fairy Fountain (handmade) Vinyl Record variant (limited to 50) – Add-on, will be unlocked if campaign receives pledges for 150 Silent Princess units.
  • Full Color Single-Sheet 2-Sided Liner Notes Insert – Automatic upgrade, will be unlocked if campaign receives pledges for 200 Silent Princess units.
  • Matte + Spot Gloss finish on jacket – Automatic upgrade, will be unlocked if campaign receives pledges for 300 Silent Princess units.

Unique “timed rewards” and add-ons will also be available each week of the campaign. Be sure to check the Kickstarter each week to find out what they are!


Rotondo was kind enough to let us listen to a digitized, pre-live musicians recording of the album early. The songs span across multiple Zelda games, including Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom, Spirit Tracks, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess, clocking in at a total duration of 40 minutes.

The tracklist is as follows:

  • “Wing Ceremony Fanfare”
  • “Stables”
  • “The Wind Waker”
  • “Kakariko Village (from Twilight Princess)”
  • “Ballade of the goddess”
  • “A Moment With Zelda”
  • “Lost Woods”
  • “Field (from Link’s Awakening)”
  • “Fi’s Theme”
  • “Rito Village Day”
  • “Full Steam Ahead”
  • “Sidon’s Theme”
  • “Korok Forest”
  • “Champion and Sage”
  • “Great Fairy Fountain”

I found all the arrangements to be quite lovely! My personal favorite was “Full Steam Ahead” from Spirit Tracks. Moving strings accompany the flute playing the main overworld theme in a vibrant and exciting way. “Fi’s Theme” from Skyward Sword encapsulates the elegance of the original song beautifully, and I am thrilled to hear it with a live flute. “Rito Village” from Breath of the Wild was a highlight for me as well, played primarily with flute and strings. I loved the transition into the refrain; I felt as though I was floating on air the whole song.

All in all, I think this album wonderfully captures the essence of Zelda and will pay homage beautifully on vinyl records!

The Stable Trotters Kickstarter campaign will be running until June 9th. As mentioned above, bonus goodies are still on the table. You can pledge support right here.

Rotondo shares:

“This campaign is more than just a way to snag the album early; it’s your ticket into the heart of the project. By chipping in, you’re not just buying a vinyl; you’re powering up the whole journey from digital dream to physical reality. Every penny supports pressing the album into something you can flip, touch, and blast on your turntable. Your support also helps with the nuts and bolts like mastering the tracks for that crisp, clean sound, and sorting out the licensing so we can give these Zelda tunes the respect they deserve.”

Are you excited for The Stable Trotters: a Zelda Tribute Album? Have you supported it yet? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Giovanni Rotondo 

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