Saria JOf course, a few of you must have gone to some club before; whether it was with friends, or by yourself.   When you’re dragged along by friends, it’s usually unavoidable.  So, I’m sorry for that. Back to the point- when you go to a club, you typically expect to hear some songs that make you want to dance- it’s what clubs do! But have you ever gone to a club that has everyone dancing to Saria’s Song…? Recently, DJ and Producer Ryan Hemsworth began using the melody at his shows, and I guess it’s become quite a hit. You can take a gander at it after the jump!

Below, you’ll find the tune played through a SoundCloud player. It’s a “Saria’s Song x Juicy J” mashup- so, enjoy that.

WARNING: Explicit Language

If you couldn’t tell already, I myself am not a huge fan of it. But hey, it was well made. I’m sure many people enjoy it; so to each his own.

Did you enjoy this mashup? Or would you rather stick to the original (of either song)? Do you have any particular feedback…? Sound off in the comments!

Source: SoundCloud

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