The release of The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia has provided a comprehensive collection of items, enemies, characters and languages for fans to immerse themselves in and while doing so, they can expand upon the lore that is touched upon in Hyrule Historia. 

One part of the Encyclopedia focuses heavily on Historical Records, more specifically on Geography and Nature. In fact, if you look at page 61, you would find a section that details ‘Towns Named For Sages’. As some fans know, most towns in The Adventure of Link share the same name as sages that appear in other games. The Encyclopedia records that the town’s don’t just share the same name coincidentally, but they are in fact specifically named after the Sages from the Era of the Hero of Time and examples of this are Saria, the Sage of the Forest and Rauru, the Sage of Light in Ocarina of Time.

Furthermore, the passage states that ‘the town Kasuto is named for a Sage who has not appeared in any story yet told’ and goes on to say that the presence of this name alongside the names of the sages invites speculation as to what took place in eras not yet explored.

Therefore, it is certainly feasible to expect an answer to this question from Nintendo in future Zelda titles. Will the next new release in the Zelda franchise explore what happened when the Sage Kasuto was alive? And what relevance could this Sage have to the Hero of Time or any other eras in the timeline? I hope Ninteno address this soon!

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Source: The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

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