Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

FotoFlexer_Photomo Have you ever been struck by the overwhelming urge to play the original Legend of Zelda, but happened to be stranded in public without a 3DS? For those of you who’ve experienced this struggle, computer programmer Rich McLaughlin has got you covered. In an effort to combine his love of videogames and JavaScript, McLaughlin created The Legend of Zelda in browser-based HTML5 using Canvas. He had to recreate the game from scratch, so he made some minor changes along the way to make the game more user friendly. The best part about McLaughlin’s version: it can be played on iPhone, Android, and PC for free!

Play the game, here. The following video showcases McLaughlin’s game’s Canvas movement.

McLaughlin began his project using HTML Document Object Model (DOM), but quickly realised that the creation would be impossible or otherwise strenuous using that mode of coding. He instead found tutorials on HTML5 Canvas and realized its potential there. He had to specifically add in character sprites, object interaction cues, and in-game text. While programming Link’s movement and attacks, McLaughlin made Link’s “collision detection size” smaller so that players wouldn’t need to attack with the amount of precision the original game demands.

As mentioned the game can already be played on iPhone, Android, and PC for no cost at all– but there’s a catch. The game isn’t finished yet. McLaughlin does intend to finish the game though, or at least get as far into development as possible before Nintendo issues a cease and desist! Having the game playable on mobile is great way to waste time on one’s phone, although playing The Legend of Zelda is nary a waste of time. Even though Nintendo announced that it will start to develop apps and possibly games for smartphones, this game is entirely free and available right now.

What do you think of McLaughlin’s HTML5 The Legend of Zelda creation? Will you try to play through what of the game has already been finished? Do you think it would just be easier to buy the game virtual console or use an emulator? Let us know in the comments!

Source: iDigitalTimes

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