The Soldier and the Cucco Lady

A long time ago,

In the old Castle Town,

A dashing young soldier

Swore to protect Hyrule and crown.


He left home on his mission,

He was posted afar.

In Kakariko Village,

He would call out the hour.


Clad in his armor, he thought,

What a waste!

‘Til a maiden he saw

With tears on her face.


“Young lady!” he called,

Thinking, trouble – at last!

“Please help me!” she begged,

“Did my cuccos come past?”


Now, the soldier,

He longed for the excitement of war,

But the gratitude of a woman,

He also looked for!


So he smiled a wide smile

Because this lady was fair.

“Of course my young lass!

Is that one over there?”


The lady, she turned,

And to her delight –

It was one of her cuccos;

The soldier was right!


So that day was spent

Rounding up those loose birds.

And the maiden, she felt,

She couldn’t thank him with words.


So she blushed a bright pink

And felt her knees go quite weak.

But still she offered him

A kiss on the cheek!


As she rushed home that night,

The young woman did think,

Tomorrow, I might offer that soldier a drink!


Next morning the soldier

Stood again at his post,

And so happened that came

What he had longed for the most!


War was upon them,

It was time to fight!

To beat a foul demon…

To die if they might!


So he gathered his kit

And stood to attention in line.

Just as the fair lassie

Called to ask him the time.


Now the soldier’s heart leapt

When he seen her stood there.

And the look on her face

Let him know that she cared.


“I go now to battle,

Please, don’t cry for me.

For when I return,

Our Hyrule will be free!”


So the lassie,

She passed him a glass bottle of milk.

And her favor she shared:

A cloth made of silk.


Accepting her gifts,

He made a promise so true:

“The whole time I’m gone,

I will think only of you.”


As they said their farewells,

The maiden did weep…

“Next time you will have more than a kiss on the cheek!”


So seven long years passed

In sadness and sorrow.

And the lady, she waited,

Praying he would be home tomorrow!


But the hard truth was this,

He would never return.

His death had been swift,

Castle Town left to burn.


Then a hero in green

Charged the castle and fought

He slayed the evil demon,

Who deserved all he wrought!


That hero, he rescued the Princess there too!

So she returned him to childhood,

It was all she could do.


And with Hyrule returned to it’s glorious state

That dear Cucco Lady

Would not have to wait!


When the soldier had helped her,

She thought him so fine!

And a kiss on the lips,

She did give him this time!

Judy Calder is an Original Content Editor for Zelda Dungeon.  She enjoys lengthy debates about the Zelda timeline and anything to do with Ocarina of Time.  Follow her on Twitter.

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