When I was a child, every time my family went to the grocery store I always begged my mother for quarters to buy some low quality toy from the machines up front. I remember those slappy sticky hands and the like, but I would have lost my mind if there were toys like the ones from Mases’ collection we are looking at today. These are some particularly cute little Phantom Hourglass figurines from Tomy. The complete set features five characters from the game that all come with their own unique item. They have an almost Amiibo-like appearance with their bases they stand on.

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you agree with Mases that they should have had Oshus instead of Tetra or the Phantom? Are there any other characters who they should have done figures for? Let us know! If you enjoyed this video give it a like, and you can head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to see other collectibles and Zelda related videos!

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