Today is the long-awaited day! Link’s Awakening for the Switch is finally out! To commemorate this important day, Nintendo has shared some pretty cool official artwork for the game on Twitter, and I really enjoyed seeing it!

The new artwork depicts a memorable scene from the game in which Marin is on a section of the broken bridge atop Tal Tal Heights, and it cannot hold her weight for very long. To save Marin, Link swiftly uses the Hookshot to grab her and bring her to safety. This scene is probably remembered so well because Marin says she has something to admit to Link, but Tarin calls, cutting her off. What was she going to say?!

Overall the artwork is wonderful! I think incorporating the Owl and Tarin into the image is a nice touch. However, I think it’s a bit random for Old Man Ulrira to be watching in the backround, but it certainly doesn’t ruin the image at all.

Do you like this artwork? Would you like to see more scenes from Link’s Awakening done in this style? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo (via Twitter)

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