March of the Koroks is an event held by the Zelda Creators community that will hopefully remain an annual staple. The event started in 2022, and was one of my favorite fan events of last year (alongside Linktober). If March of the Koroks sounds unfamiliar: it’s a collaborated effort for Zelda fans of all skill levels and artistic mediums to band together to create as many Koroks as possible, and then compile each Korok onto one massive canvas! Earlier today this year’s banner was unveiled publicly, featuring work from 123 contributors, and contains 234 koroks!

The event’s origins span back to July 9th of 2021, which was deemed “Zelda Twitter Korok Day.” Afterwards every 9th of a month became a “Korok Day”, but it faded away after awhile. At the start of 2022 Zelda Creator’s Moderator TC (@LordSooga on Twitter) tweeted out an idea to gather 900 fan artists to draw the 900 Koroks in Breath of the Wild for a future Korok Day. The tweet went viral, and it was what inspired the initial planning of what would become March of the Koroks.

Last year’s canvas had 463 Koroks – adding this years, that’s a total of 697 overall! Definitely way more Koroks than I ever got in my playthrough of Breath of the Wild! Everyone who contributed to the banner this year did an amazing job, and the work put in from the Zelda Creators team to host this event again and compile another huge canvas is greatly appreciated in the fan art community!

As we did last year, we’ve shared a few portions of the canvas in the gallery below. To see the full canvas check out the Zelda Creators Twitter or Instagram. Zelda Creators also has a website that lists all of the contributors of this year’s banner. To participate in future events hosted by Zelda Creators, join their Discord server! There are monthly prompts for artists of all hats, opportunities to collab on monthly banners and headers for the server, and much more! The next event scheduled is another returning Zelda Creators staple, a Discord only event from April 2nd-8th known as Hestu Hunt!

What are some of your favorite Koroks in the banner? Some of mine are the Bond of Legends themed Koroks that JoeyJ did, the Skyward Sword official art referenced Koroks by Mono_Queen, and the Avatar the Last Airbender inspired Koroks by e_randarts! I did two Koroks this year too: a Fierce Deity Korok and a Princess Mononoke Korok riding Wolf Link, can you spot them? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Zelda Creators

Featured Image by Queen Yuu of the Zora

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