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The director of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, has revealed a small change regarding the Hyrule Temple stage for the Wii U version on Miiverse

Dreams. Hopes. Desires. All of these have been crushed. Yes, those looking to see Skyward Sword‘s main villain, Ghirahim, enter the Smash Bros. fighting ring as a fighter will have to try again in another 5+ years as he’s making an appearance as an Assist Trophy.

“”No, I’ll just beat you within an inch of your life!” Demon Lord Ghirahim makes an appearance in Smash Bros!! He’s an Assist Trophy, so he could conceivably back up Link, too.” — Masahiro Sakurai

Today we have what many are considering to be one of the most legit leaks for the new Smash Bros. games to date, though honestly they can’t be legit until proven to be true. Right now there is evidence going both ways as to the validity of this leak, and it’s far too close to call definitively. I personally think they are 100% fake – but I am in the minority and seemingly for pretty good reasons. I’m not here to decide for you, but for you to look at the given information and decide for yourself. All of the images associated with the leak…

A Miiverse post that Masahiro Sakurai posted a few days ago about Super Smash Bros. for 3DS featured Phantom Zelda and Tingle, showing off a new shop system for getting trophies. Check out the post after the jump.

Another week’s worth of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U have been revealed again. Some of these pictures are definitely worth taking a look at, so if you head past the jump you can take a look at a brand new stage, the first support items ever in the Super Smash Bros. series, a few new trophies, and other goodies! So you better head past the jump to see the sweet screenshots now!

Just a couple weeks ago, Sakurai’s “Pic of the Day” on Miiverse featured a surprisingly detailed trophy of Ubisoft’s iconic character, Rayman. This was the day that Sakurai promised to reveal a new character, so many put two and two together—and were tricked by Sakurai, who confirmed Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon instead. Talk about Rayman as a playable character has died down since, but a recent remark by a Nintendo of Canada executive suggests that now might be the time to reopen that discussion. Head inside for details.

Instead of posting daily, this week we’ve opted to post all of Masahiro Sakurai’s Miiverse pictures of Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U together for your viewing pleasure. This week’s haul includes two stage reveals, a new assist trophy, details on a new item, and a unique spin on the Target Smash mode. Head inside for all the pictures as well as some of our thoughts!

Sakurai has posted his daily Smash Bros. Pic of the Day. In it, he gives us our first look at the main menu for the 3DS version of the game. He also gave a little bit of information on the functionality of the menu.

He states that his User Interface designers worked hard to allow players to navigate the menu and get information on each mode. But the thing stirring up the most discussion is a single menu option.

Click to read on and discuss the secrets within!

I am a huge Star Fox fan, and as such I am absolutely thrilled to see his stage re-imagined for the Wii U. Outside of the fact we are actually getting a new Star Fox game for the Wii U, this is just such a nice tease for what is possible. Seriously, it is hard for me to hold in my stoked emotions, and here I thought I was done being a total fanboy. Head inside for a glimpse!

In today’s Smash Pic of the Day, Masahiro Sakurai has shown off newcomer Robin’s Nosferatu spell. The spell is the first ability in the Smash Bros. series to deal damage while also recovering your own, and Sakurai also noted that the attack is much more powerful when landed from behind. Click past the jump for a few more details about the attack!