Today we have what many are considering to be one of the most legit leaks for the new Smash Bros. games to date, though honestly they can’t be legit until proven to be true. Right now there is evidence going both ways as to the validity of this leak and it’s far too close to call definitively. I personally think they are 100% fake – but I am in the minority and seemingly for pretty good reasons. I’m not here to decide for you, but for you to look at the given information and decide for yourself. All of the images associated with the leak are below in the gallery.

So, let’s get into all of the discovered and known contradictions with the given images. There is a giant list of them

compiled at the Smash Boards. However, none of them are definitive in any way. There is also the following video circulating about it all.

The leak itself came from a user (or, multiple users) over at 4Chan. We are unsure what to believe at this stage, so we’ll leave it up to all of you to decide for yourselves. Real? Fake? Worth us digging further into? The choice is yours and yours alone. Here is the jist of how these rumors came to be:

Last night a mysterious and confusing post was made on 4chan which showed the pictures of all the characters in previous smash games, as well as possible new characters. Many of the veterans had X’s over them, while Mewtwo had a Question mark. The meaning of the question mark was never confirmed. The new characters all had new renderings, which made the leak interesting. This thread was started at this point.

This photo was then followed up soon with several more posts from various sources showing the character select screen, various menu’s, stage selection, and what appeared to be an “introduction video” with character profiles moving across the lower screen. This gave us better images of the new renderings. On top of that, another post was made that listed DLC characters, which can also be found in the opening post.

A little bit later, even more photos appeared, this time on Gamefaqs which showed some photos of a battle. However, the quality was very low and the characters appeared to be very similar to Brawl models, even down to the motions. What made this more troubling is that these pictures include a full rendering of the Gannondorf image, which on the character select screen only showed his face, and was darkened. This new image was clearly of the same model, and also better quality, meaning all the images were derived from the same source.

Neo Zero was able to find the original leaker. The original leaker only took credit for the character select screen, the lower screen with duck hunt dog and the DLC.

Neo Zero also got “confirmation” from a source on facebook that the roster posted made sense. However, Neo Zero got confused as he was pursuing multiple avenues of researching this, and the source he heard from was only second hand. Neo Zero has not been able to get better information from a first hand source.

Neo Zero has been pursing information that leads him to question the validity of this leak. It appears it MIGHT be an elaborate, multi-man conspiracy, however he has been unable to find all the needed evidence to prove it is so. He is currently standing at 50/50 in his belief of this leak.

Source: 4Chan, Smash Boards, Gamnesia

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