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As one of the masterminds behind many entries in the Legend of Zelda series, there’s a lot we are able to learn from Eiji Aonuma and how each game is designed. Having been involved with pretty much every Zelda game since Ocarina of Time, it’s safe to assume that he has also learned a lot in his time working on the franchise and incorporating elements from one game into the next. While A Link Between Worlds definitely wasn’t the first Zelda game…

Longtime Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has admitted in an interview to Official Nintendo Magazine that his recent Zelda creation, A Link Between Worlds, has helped him see that recent Zelda titles have become too linear. While creating such titles as Skyward Sword, Aonuma thought gamers did not enjoy the idea of challenging themselves to complete a Zelda title without the extra help provided in the game. The impact that A Link Between Worlds had on Aonuma was so immense that…

Official Nintendo Magazine, known as ONM, officially released their 2013 game of the year awards. Not surprisingly, A Link Between Worlds took home a couple awards, though considering some stiff competition it may surprise you which awards it took home. The first award was 3DS Game of the Year, and the second award was Best Audio. I could go on and on about why the game deserves that recognition, but I’ll let ONM explain the reasons themselves. Head inside to see what they had to say!

The Official Nintendo Magazine has revealed the winners of their awards last year, and A Link Between Worlds has won two of them! One was for best audio, and the other for best 3DS game of the year. There may be some other categories that it deserved, but that is really up to you readers. Check out some reasons for their choices after the jump!

In the midst of a new launch it seems like everyone wants to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest and greatest game, A Link Between Worlds, and the Official Nintendo Magazine is no exception. Just today the founder of the site and current editor, Chandra Nair, released a review of the game. Hit the jump to learn what he had to say!  

It’s a well known phrase that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well and the phrase is used pretty often in all manor of tasks. Shigeru Miyamoto once said “a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever” so he knows that it’s better to take your time on something and ensure that, when it’s released, you’re proud of your creation. Skyward Sword was delayed several times but at least it gave him and his…

A Link Between Worlds is an upcoming 3DS title set for release this fall. This sequel to A Link to the Past will be sharing the same overworld as its predecessor. According to Official Nintendo Magazine, Eiji Aonuma has reconfirmed that the game will also contain the same musical arrangements from A Link to the Past as well. They are also trying to make the music sound as if it is being played on real instruments. See the exact quote…

Eiji Aonuma is attempting to make the music in A Link Between Worlds sound like it’s being played by real instruments. I was tempted to use the term orchestrated music, but I’m not sure that fits perfectly. Considering you can make tons of great music with real instruments without an orchestra, I’m not sure that the term really suits what they are aiming for here. Of course, it won’t be real instruments, as the attempt is to only make it sound like they are real – so essentially it will be some really high quality synths. Here’s Eiji Aonuma on the topic:

“We will be using arrangements of music from A Link to the Past, since this is a sequel to that game, and we are also trying to make the music sound like it’s played on real instruments. People who know the original will definitely be able to tell and be happy about it, while newcomers will also be able to enjoy it.”

I’m just excited they are putting some real effort into the arrangements and the actual sound of the music. They made similar alterations to The Wind Waker HD, so I think even if we don’t get orchestrated music in the future… we can at least look forward to some higher quality instrument sounds. A Link Between Worlds comes out on November 22nd. Be sure to bookmark our A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough for all your gaming needs.

In a recent interview with the UK Official Nintendo Magazine, long-time series producer Eiji Aonuma revealed another small piece of information about the upcoming game A Link Between Worlds. After having recently discussing aspects of the game and also revealing a mysterious screenshot of a shop on Miiverse, Aounuma told ONM that an old element of the Zelda series will be changing slightly in its upcoming role in the 3DS game. Hit the jump to see the quote.

The newest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine is just coming out, but excitement for next month’s issue is already building, as the newest issue teases exclusive Zelda information for the next two adventures.

The latest issue teases that the next issue will be a “Legend of Zelda double whammy,” and will be sharing “exclusive new info on the two new Hyrule adventures!” The issue doesn’t state exactly what games the info pertains to, but it is most likely Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds, given they’re both set to release this fall. Still, there is a chance this could also contain information regarding the mysterious Zelda U.

What games do you think the information is pertaining to? And what would you guys want the information to be? Let us know in the comments!