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For those of you who may have missed out on any additional gameplay of Tri Force Heroes, you can either catch-up or refresh your memory with some exciting footage provided by the Nintendo Treehouse from today’s E3 reveal. While watching, there are a number of things to keep an eye out for, including: tips, gameplay mechanics, and other various features revealed by the commentators playing the game. Take the jump to check it out!

Several weeks ago, the development team at Tecmo Koei released the Hyrule Warriors Fi trailer. Just recently, Nintendo Everything released a YouTube video of footage from the Sealed Grounds, featuring Fi and her dance skills in action! Hit the jump to take a look!

Slowly, in one minute segments, A Link Between Worlds gameplay is being released to the Internet. It seems like we’ve gotten so many gameplay videos already that before the release next week the entire the entire 18 or so hours of A Link Between Worlds will be available to watch! Today we’ve got four videos to watch, including the full title opening! Hit the jump to see!

Another day another few videos that show of A Link Between Worlds footage! So far we’ve mostly seen places that have already appeared in A Link to the Past, so it’s been exciting to see the modern reimagining of the old areas, but now we definitely have something new! Warning, this gameplay is a bit deeper into spoiler territory, but if you want, hit the jump to see some more of A Link Between Worlds!

Now that a lot of certain people are getting their hands on copies of A Link Between Worlds, much more footage is coming in, presumably of areas that Nintendo has approved. Yesterday we saw GameXplain gameplay of the Eastern Palace, Tornado Rod, and the Overworld, what else does this game have to hold before release? Hit the jump to see!

As more and more gameplay of A Link Between Worlds is released to the Internet I become increasingly excited for its release. As a huge fan of the top-down style of Zelda games and A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds has probably been my most anticipated title since I became a fan. This Sanctuary Sewers footage only served to remind me of what I felt was special about A Link to the Past. So hit the jump to watch!

This past Friday, I was one of the lucky New Yorkers to attend The Symphony of the Goddesses: Second Quest! As an avid listener of Zelda music, and an attendee of the “First Quest,” I was elated to experience fully orchestrated performances of brand new medleys, as well as many favorites of last year’s performance. And now you can ask experience some of it too, with footage of the concert’s best moments now available on YouTube! Click the jump for…

Off screen footage for The Wind Waker HD has just been uploaded to YouTube via GamekyoTV and it shows the opening minutes of the Wii U remake in full HD visuals! Outset Island looks amazing and Link’s design plus the Wii U GamePad’s gyroscope functions are shown clearly. The Helmaroc King battle at Forsaken Fortress is also displayed brilliantly well! If you’d like to take a look at six minutes worth of off screen footage from the E3 showfloor then…

Our sister site, GenGAME, has managed to find a smaller feature on IGN, some footage of the time attack mode in Battle Quest. As many of you have probably seen from our post when Battle Quest was featured during E3, we got a look at what could be considered the “normal mode” of the Nintendo Land mini-game. Now though we get a first look at the time attack mode, as any self respecting mini-game should have. Hit the jump for the clip!

Have you been wondering what the boss battle will be like in Battle Quest, the mulitiplayer Zelda mini-game within Nintendo Land for the Wii U? Thankfully some fans at E3 just happened to record a video of a three-player boss battle and the outcome. Check out the footage here after the jump!