Witch's Potion ShopAnother day another few videos that show of A Link Between Worlds footage! So far we’ve mostly seen places that have already appeared in A Link to the Past, so it’s been exciting to see the modern reimagining of the old areas, but now we definitely have something new!

Warning, this gameplay is a bit deeper into spoiler territory, but if you want, hit the jump to see some more of A Link Between Worlds!

First up are two videos from The Bit Block which show off the Witch’s Potion Shop and the Lost Woods, both reminiscent from A Link to the Past.

There’s something that’s particularly exciting to me about the Witch’s Potion Shop. Maybe it’s because in A Link to the Past, the Witch’s Hut was off and away from the rest of the world, and it wasn’t very fun or exciting to visit. Now, however, with the combination of the lighting and the 3D graphics it looks magical.

Also, the sounds in A Link Between Worlds are absolutely fantastic. Not only is the music supreme, but every sound effect seems to have been crafted with care. Even the pit-pit of Link’s footsteps are interesting to listen to.

Next up a video from GameXplain which shows a new boss fight with Blind!

The thing that stands out to me in this video is that the primary new feature of this game, becoming a painting, isn’t gimmicky. In this boss battle, it definitely seems that the feature is used well, with plenty of thought and planning put in by the team. At first, I wasn’t entirely convinced becoming a painting would make for interesting gameplay, but now I’m excited to see how else it’s used.

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