More footage for A Link Between Worlds

Damp Dark DungeonNow that a lot of certain people are getting their hands on copies of A Link Between Worlds, much more footage is coming in, presumably of areas that Nintendo has approved. Yesterday we saw GameXplain gameplay of the Eastern Palace, Tornado Rod, and the Overworld, what else does this game have to hold before release?

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First up we have what The Bit Block is calling “Dark Damp Dungeon”, however it’s the same area as the “Sanctuary Sewers” that GameXplain showed a few days ago.

What’s in the following video, however, is new. It’s just a few seconds where Link meets Yuga, the main antagonist of A Link Between Worlds, and what would be considered the equivalent to A Link to the Past’s Aghanim.

It’s not a whole lot. Though these videos come from multiple sources, Nintendo is doing a great job limiting our exposure time to the game to make sure we go out and buy it ourselves when it releases. I, for one, am still very excited to get my hands on a copy of A Link Between Worlds.

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