Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.11.16 AMSeveral weeks ago, the development team at Tecmo Koei released the Hyrule Warriors Fi trailer. Just recently, Nintendo Everything released a YouTube video of footage from the Sealed Grounds, featuring Fi and her dance skills in action!

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This video shows many of Fi’s abilities present in the trailer announced several weeks ago: danced-based moves, sword attacks, and a special move that knocks out several enemies (features the same design from Skyward Sword when Link plays the Goddess Harp). It is also interesting to note that the Sealed Grounds looks very similar to the Sealed Grounds from the Skyward Sword game, and the design is incredible. However, some minor things seem to have been added, such as the expansion of the hallway-type structure near 2:15.

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Source: YouTube