With Spirit Tracks on display and playable at E3 2009, brand new gameplay videos are beginning to role in. The first of which can be seen just below, courtesy of IGN.

(Video was removed but can be viewed at the Spirit Tracks Videos section)

The video shows Link traveling through a dungeon with his friendly Phantom friend. Link and his Phantom together battle a yellow blob like enemy that slightly resembles a Yellow Chu. After taking care of a few enemies, Link uses the Phantom in order to pass across a passage. There are two bridges of sorts that are blocked by three areas of fire that blow across the bridges. Link controls the Phantom and sends it across the platform to the north, while Link walks across the platform to the south. Since the phantom is heat resistant, it can walk right through the flames and in doing so, it blocks the flames which allows Link to quickly run across the southern platform.

With Link and the Phantom now on two separate sides of the room, they simultaneously swing their swords to hit two switches, and this causes a door to open and allows them to progress further in the dungeon.

With this new trailer, we have updated our Spirit Tracks Videos, Spirit Tracks Items, and Spirit Tracks Enemies pages of the website. Remember, once Spirit Tracks ships later this year, we will be providing a complete Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

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