Zelda memorabilia is usually a delight to own and this Master Sword from Twilight Princess is no exception! Valiant Swords is a site selling a whole range of different weapons and they have just started selling the Master Sword from the critically acclaimed Wii title for your chance to obtain another piece of Zelda memorabilia for addition to your collection. You can view the awesome details about this actual replica after the jump!

Here are the details from Valiant Swords site about the Master Sword replica:

This Twilight replica reproduces the original in faithful detail. The blue finished hardwood scabbard and guard features gold painted details. The cast resin handle features light banded indentations for easy of grip, with a scalloped pommel. The 440 stainless steel double edged, distal-tapered blade has an engraved seal at the top.

Sounds like a worthy Zelda weapon to me! You can purchase the Twilight Princess Master Sword replica from Valiant Swords site for the reasonable price of $84 which is apparently a $13 discount at this time. The overall length of the sword is 46″ and it comes in a very professionally designed sheath too.

So who wants one? Click here to buy the Master Sword for yourself!

Source: Virtual-Strategy Magazine