EimearNoone_iDIG4Eimear Noone’s Songs of Zelda album, A Link to the Celts, has recently reached its $30,000 kickstarter goal, and in only eight days, no less! There are still several days left until the kickstarter is closed, and you can still donate, so some sweet stretch goals have been announced. There are currently two goals listed, but more are said to be coming soon!

Check out the goals after the jump!

At $40,000, Eimear says:

“Video game legend Tommy Tallarico will add his guitar voice to a bonus Zelda track!”

Tommy is well known as the co-creator of populr concert series Video Games Live, so having him involved in the project would likely turn out great.

At $60,000:

“…we will have a live stream from one of the recording sessions! Be a part of the magic as it happens. We’ll have one of our producers there live to monitor the chat and answer questions.”

Having a livestream like this sounds awesome. Personally, I would love to see a proper track in the making, and hearing the chat’s questinos answered would be even better for learning more about the recording process.

Will any of you be buying ths cool new album once production is complete? What series songs would you like to hear in their unique Celtic style? Drop a comment!

Source: Kickstarter

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