The Super Nintendo Entertainment System released 20 years ago here in the United States and many Nintendo fans feel it’s the best Nintendo console ever. Many fans here of Zelda Dungeon grew up with this console playing the likes of Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, and the many other amazing titles for the console. In celebration of the consoles 20th birthday, the Game Guys have ranked their top 20 SNES games of all time.

I think my personal list would look much different than these guys rankings. In particular the placement of our beloved Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Not only do I personally think that it was the best Super Nintendo game ever made, but I place it as my favorite Zelda game ever. It’s simply a masterpiece and so many Zelda elements were born during A Link to the Past. Whether it be the massive inventory, the Light/Dark world, the whole 3-dungeon before major plot twist story element, or the introduction of major geographic locations, so many A Link to the Past game fundamentals have appears in almost every Zelda game since. While there really was only one Zelda title for the SNES, there were tons of other quality games. Make the jump to see the full listing, as well as what the writers had to say about A Link to the Past.

20. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (Nintendo – 1995)
19. Earthworm Jim (Playmates Interactive – 1994)
18. Contra III: The Alien Wars (Konami – 1993)
17. Kirby’s Dream Course (Nintendo – 1995)
16. Mega Man X (Capcom – 1994)
15. F-Zero (Nintendo – 1991)
14. Mortal Kombat II (Midway – 1993)
13. Street Fighter II Turbo (Capcom – 1992)
12. Super Metroid (Nintendo – 1994)
11. Earthbound (Nintendo – 1995)
10. Star Fox (Nintendo – 1993)
09. Secret of Mana (Squaresoft – 1993)
08. Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo/Rare – 1994)
07. Final Fantasy II (Squaresoft – 1991)
06. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo – 1992)
05. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo/Squaresoft – 1996)
04. Final Fantasy III (Squaresoft – 1994)
03. Super Mario Kart (Nintendo – 1992)
02. Super Mario World (Nintendo – 1991)
01. Chrono Trigger (Squaresoft – 1995)

Here is what the Game Guys had to say about A Link to the Past, which came in at #6 on their listing.

There are two Zelda games that are in the discussion of best Zelda game ever. Ocarina of Time is one. This is the other. Honestly, you could argue that Link to the Past is better simply because had it not existed, Ocarina never would have become a reality. That’s due to the fact that Link to the Past introduced much of what’s considered to be a Zelda staple in terms of modern gameplay.

So what do you think are the best SNES games of all time? Where does A Link to the Past fit on your listing? Are there any games missing from the list that you think should be there? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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