In the recent E3 2014 reveal of Palutena (Kid Icarus) as a new playable character for Super Smash Bros., we were treated to a gorgeous animation sequence in which our hero Link clashed swords with Pit. Should this be a continued endeavor?

The short was animated by none other than SHAFT Inc. (the geniuses behind Madoka Magica, etc.) and left me quite fascinated.

Nintendo Video has already collaborated with SHAFT as well as Production I.G. and Studio 4°C for the Kid Icarus: Uprising 3D animations.

Now, I already know that placing the name

Zelda and the word ‘animation’ in the same sentence might cause most fans to board ship and sail home faster than Captain Linebeck could. Why? Remember the Legend of Zelda cartoon series from 1989? References to it have been a recurring joke for some time, and even inspired a few internet memes. Can I get an “Excuuuuse me, Princess?” Some of us despised the series and some of us found the near 90’s humor to be rather charming.

The bottom line is that it wasn’t the truest representation of the

Zelda game series. I do agree that Zelda herself was given a personality befitting of her game persona, however Link was portrayed as an obnoxious and selfish character who only in the very end did have some redeeming moments. Another point to make is that the cartoon is not a direct retelling of The Legend of Zelda. It is based mostly on the game and includes references from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but still remains a story all of its own.

So in this day and age, if Nintendo and the Zelda team were to go ahead and give the green light for an anime production, which game would be chosen? The choices are many. There have been several notable manga adaptations of fan favorite Zelda games by artist Akira Himekawa, which include but are not limited to Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Ages, and Phantom Hourglass.

While these works do stay as true to their respective games as possible, with the inclusion of some original content, I have always wondered if they could influence an actual

Zelda anime. It would definitely gain popularity in Japan, as well as spark the interest of anime fans worldwide.

After seeing SHAFT’s rendition, I think they would do a brilliant job in bringing our Hylian Hero to the big screen. However,

Nintendo may just choose to work with other producers. That is, if this idea is taken into consideration. And so, the titular question could easily become: should Super Smash Bros. have an anime adaptation instead? Should we have both? I will place those questions with the rest of you.

Leave your comments and opinions below!

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