Yesterday, Japan saw the release of a brand new batch of amiibo, including Toon Link and Sheik. While we were aware that the Toon Link amiibo (like its non-toon counterpart) would unlock a spinner weapon in Hyrule Warriors, we weren’t completely sure if Sheik was going to offer anything more than randomized weapon unlocks in the game. Well, today it has been revealed that the Sheik amiibo’s only function is to, once a day, unlock a three star weapon or better for her character in Hyrule Warriors.

The Sheik amiibo’s function may seem uninspired to some, as it could have offered more inventive exclusive content to Hyrule Warriors. But with the already released Zelda amiibo functioning in a similar way, Sheik’s functionality shouldn’t be seen as anything out of the ordinary. For those who plan to play Hyrule Warriors for the first time, the Sheik amiibo may offer valuable help in the game. Otherwise, it’s just a cool looking figure. And who knows: the Sheik amiibo may have functionality with future Zelda titles.

The Sheik and Toon Link amiibo are due out in North America sometime in February. In addition to Hyrule Warriors, these Amiibo will be compatible with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Do you still plan on picking up a Sheik amiibo? Will you use it in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know.

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