Many gaming enthusiasts are well aware that Universal is in the process of bringing Nintendo-themed attractions to its amusement parks. The company had originally called for Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Zelda areas to be built in Universal Studios Orlando — but plans have changed. According to “several credible sources” who spoke to Theme Park University, it now appears that the Legend of Zelda series will get its own full land, much in the same vein as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Read on for further details!

Rather than be part of Nintendo’s attractions at Universal Studios, the Zelda land is presumed to be replacing the Lost Continent section of Universal Studios’ sister-park, Islands of Adventure. This move makes sense considering Lost Continent is not tied to an existing (crowd pulling) IP, and Universal is attempting to make the most of its partnership with Nintendo.

Details on what Zelda-themed attractions will make an appearance have not been revealed, and may not be anytime soon. While this restructuring of Nintendo’s attractions at the Orlando parks has not been officially confirmed by Universal, Theme Park University projects the earliest Zelda attractions will be set for a 2021 unveiling (following the opening of a Jurassic World coaster at Islands of Adventure in 2020).

From what’s known right now, it’s likely that the Nintendo areas at Universal Studios will be almost entirely Pokemon focused, with Mario and Donkey Kong attractions headlining at Universal’s in-development third Orlando park.

It looks like Universal has adopted a “go big or go home” ideology when it comes to developing its Nintendo lands. And seeing how extremely well-done the Harry Potter sections of the park are, I cannot wait to see Universal bring the Legend of Zelda series to life. My family has a timeshare in Orlando, so here’s hoping some of the attractions will be ready to go by our next trip!

(Longtime readers may recall how our writer Andrew Kiser basically predicted this exact theme park plan in an April Fool’s article mistakenly published early in February 2015.)

Are you excited at the prospect of a full Zelda world at Universal Orlando? What kinds of attractions do you think will be built? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Theme Park University

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