Rationalizing Zelda Bosses

Hey there guys! Another monster-themed video discussion for October. This one’s about the bosses though, and is my take on the topic of… what the bosses are supposed to be. I’ve brought it up on the mailbag in the past and Din and Rish talked about it in an episode of Z-Talk a while back, but this is my in-depth take on it, from a bit of a different perspective. You can watch it here or view the embed after the jump.

In this video I go more over categorization of different bosses and how they’re handled or explained, rather than trying to explain the nature of each boss individually. In particular, I consider these categories to be exceptions, and I have a theory which I believe to be the general rule with all Zelda bosses unless there’s something special going on with them. Check out the video for details.

So what do you think? Do agree with my theory and categorization of the bosses? If not, do you think I’m overthinking it, or do you have your own ideas? Think trying to rationalize the bosses at all is a bad idea? Tell me in the comments!

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