Disclaimer: The video above features crude language.

American rapper Soulja Boy “Tell ‘Em” has flown in Nintendo’s orbit quite frequently in recent months. In December, he promoted a line of name-branded video game consoles which turned out to be just marked up Chinese emulators; he pulled the consoles from market after Nintendo threatened legal action. It seems the young entrepreneur has not let the Big N’s threats deter him though, as he recently released a new single called “Zelda,” which actually samples the Main Theme of Nintendo’s 1986 classic.

The song revolves around a hook in which Soulja Boy repeats the phrase “green diamonds like Zelda,” an obvious allusion to the series’ trademark Rupees. Link’s currency of choice aren’t actually green diamonds, but they make his wallet fatter all the same. In the last verse, the rapper discusses some video games from his youth, including a well-deserved nod to Ocarina of Time. The single artwork even features Link from The Wind Waker wielding double firearms, akimbo style, with the title “The Legend of Zelda: The Mula Maker.” (The single artwork appears to have originated from a 2017 Soulja Boy – Wind Waker mash-up by eviltwinnumber2 on YouTube. Zelda Dungeon has reached out to the creator for comment.)

It’s hard to imagine that Soulja Boy received permission from Nintendo to use music and art assets from the Zelda series, so I’m interested to see if the company will respond in any way. Zelda Dungeon has reached out to Nintendo and to Soulja Boy’s management company Fakework for comment.

I’m not the biggest fan of the track, but what do you think? Do you appreciate Soulja Boy’s tribute to our favorite game franchise? Have you listened to it three times already? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: My Mixtapez

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